The Amendment Gazette

Citizens United

  1. Senator McCain: “Corporations are not people”
  2. More Maverick (Sen. McCain redux)
  3. Russ Feingold Speaks
  4. As unexpected as the sunrise
  5. Why principled conservatives should support an amendment to overturn Citizens United
  6. What is Citizens United?
  7. How spending money became a form of speech
  8. Analysis: First Amendment Conquers All?
  9. Corporate donations v union donations in our last elections (2010)
  10. Eleventh Amendment to the Rescue?
  11. Matt Bai is off the mark
  12. Cato Institute has the backs of corrupt corporate actors and plutocrats
  13. UnPAC doing good things
  14. Justice Alito offers rationale for to overturn Buckley v Valeo
  15. Vindicated? James Bopp’s Bait-and-Switch
  16. Citizens United Reporter
  17. New e-book breaks down the Citizens United decision (book review)
  18. Is the Citizens United decision hurting the Republican Party (video clip of Josh Barro)
  19. Money ≠ Speech (Another clever meme from

McCutcheon v. FEC

  1. The Other Shoe — McCutcheon v. FEC
  2. Help Rapid Responses Grow for the McCutcheon Decision
  3. McCutcheon Decision Will Increase Corruption, Threaten the Republic

Burrell v Hobby Lobby

  1. Melber’s Hobby Lobby Analysis Blurs Personhood Definition (and why the decision undermined the rights of woman)

Addressing Amendment Critics (Rebuttals)

Rebutting those on the left:

  1. Taking on amendment critics, part I: James Marc Leas and Rob Hagar
  2. Taking on amendment critics, part III: Kent Greenfield
  3. Taking on amendment critics, part VI: Steven Rosenfeld
  4. Fear in the Western Tier (Dick Booth)
  5. A Progressive Critic Attacks (Larry Kachimba)
  6. Taking on amendment critics, part IX: Garrett Epps
  7. Leas and Hagar have to stop
  8. Taking on amendment critics, part XIII: Jay Mandle (economist)
  9. Taking on amendment critics, part XI, Ruth Marcus (WaPo columnist)
  10. Taking on amendment critics, part XV, Lawrence Lessig (constitutional law professor)
  11. Taking on amendment critics, part XVIII, Richard Hasen (Professor of Law and Political Science)
  12. Professor Geoff Stone’s Wishful Thinking

Rebutting critics on the right:

  1. Taking on amendment critics, part II: Vincent Todd
  2. Taking on amendment critics, part V: Jeff Jacoby
  3. Taking on amendment critics, part VII: George Will
  4. Taking on amendment critics, part VIII: George Will (again)
  5. Taking on amendment critics, part IV: Jeff Carter
  6. Taking on amendment critics, part X: Tracy Ryan (libertarian)
  7. Taking on amendment critics, part XII: Tom Kaminick
  8. Taking on amendment critics, part XIV: David Crocker
  9. Taking on amendment critics, part XVI: A. Barton Hinkle (douche)
  10. Taking on amendment critics, part XVII: David Applegate’s “poppycock” is bunk
  11. Taking on amendment critics, part XIX: Julius Kairey (reactionary student)
  12. Ontology 101: Money is Not Speech (Josh Barro)
  13. Taking on amendment critics, part XX: Jonah Goldberg

Analyzing Proposed Amendments

Defense of Proposed Amendments

  1. Human Rights Amendment
  2. Move to Amend Amendment
  3. Questions for Drafters of Amendments (HRA)
  4. A Process-Oriented Amendment (HRA)
  5. Rick Staggenborg replies to posed questions
  6. Move to Amend’s Steve Justino replies to posed questions
  7. Congressman Keith Ellison defends his amendment language
  8. Congresswoman Edward’s office replies to posed questions

Congressional Actions

  1. Lessig v. Shapiro, Klein Presiding
  2. Ilya Shapiro’s testimony before Congress: a critical analysis
  3. Lawrence Lessig’s testimony before Congress: a critical analysis (with commentary from Prof. Lessig)
  4. Pushing conservative politicians through the Overton Window (re: congressional inaction)
  5. Former Speaker Pelosi understands that an amendment must precede worthwhile campaign finance reform
  6. Congressman McGovern introduces FSFP language
  7. Tea Party Shutdown Infographic
  8. Democrats Use Amendment for Party Building
  9. Senate Hearing an Exercise in Partisan Futility
  10. Walter Jones: The Only Principled Conservative in Congress

News and Reporting:
Amendment Roundup

  1. Amendment Roundup 06-10-12
  2. Amendment Roundup 06-14-12
  3. Amendment Roundup 06-16-12
  4. Amendment Roundup 06-23-12
  5. Amendment Roundup 06-26-12
  6. Amendment Roundup 06-28-12
  7. Amendment Roundup 07-11-12
  8. Amendment Roundup 07-24-12
  9. Amendment Roundup 07-30-12
  10. Amendment Roundup 08-10-12
  11. Amendment Roundup 08-19-12
  12. Amendment Roundup 08-24-12
  13. Amendment Roundup 12-01-12
  14. Amendment Roundup 12-22-12
  15. Third anniversary gatherings
  16. Two congressmen introduce the Move to Amend language to the House
  17. MN’s “We the People Act” aims to compel congressional action
  18. Amendment Roundup 4-02-13
  19. Amendment Roundup 4-08-13
  20. LA voters support resolution calling on Congress to amend Constitution
  21. in Albany for FAIR Elections
  22. Amendment Roundup: Catching up on a Fast-Building Movement 6-04-13
  23. Amendment Roundup 6-09-14

Understanding the Amendments

  1. 1st Amendment rights are for natural persons, not artificial ones

Trans-Pacific Partnership (an international coup des lois)

  1. Trans-Pacific Partnership is Citizens United on Crack
  2. Trade Pact Threatens American Jobs, Sovereignty
  3. Obama Gambit Working to Distract Activists


  1. Paper Candidate: Farmscape for Mayor
  2. The U.S. Constitution is the most difficult to amend in the world
  3. The Left-Right Fraud
  4. Why Obama should not use his bully pulpit to support constitutional amendment
  5. Moyor’s 8 Stages of Successful Movements Critical for Activists to Understand
  6. Thom Hartmann: public support for amendment will follow economic collapse
  7. You’re Not Helping (Credo Action T-Shirts)
  8. Fedele’s trans-ideological, cross-partisan opening remarks sets tone for movement
  9. How the abolition of corporate rights would go too far…
  10. The complex of ideologies behind the abolition of corporate personhood
  11. Matewan Forever
  12. Ballot results confirm public wants Constitution amended; now what?
  13. Lawrence Lessig’s talk at conference inspirational and instructive (proposes label for anti-corruption movement)
  14. Lawrence Lessig’s Rootstrikers aims to end corruption in government (interview w/Szelena Gray)
  15. Amendment debate: Bonifaz v. Schmitt (from Democracy Now! with TAG commentary)
  16. TAG gets mention in Boston Globe
  17. Jeffery Toobin’s chilling prediction moves closer to fulfillment
  18. Thom Hartmann and Medea Benjamin interviews (by Acronym TV)
  19. Corporate Freedom of Religion
  20. A Constitutional Amendment is a Good G.O.A.L. (Annie Lennard’s Story of Stuff series)
  21. Opportunity and Oppression (MLK and the oppression of corporate power in the US)
  22. Art. V’s Dan Marks sees risky convention as necessity (interview with Marks)
  23. Interview with Ben Cohen
  24. Interview with American Conservative’s Gutzman
  25. Corruption as Glue
  26. Great New Video from Represent.Us

Reference Material

  1. Movement allies
  2. Related writings
  3. Legal reference
  4. Relevant case law history
  5. Corporate rights interactive timeline