VicPicVictor Tiffany is the co-founder of the Ithaca, NY affiliate of Move to Amend and serves as its coordinator. He writes about Citizens United and the issues of corporate constitutional rights here and previously on the now defunct Abolish Corporate Personhood Now site, where he served as acting V-P on the corporate board for four months in 2012. His professional background is in electronic technology, the repair of computing systems and networks. He has been involved in political campaigns and causes since graduate school in 1981 beginning with opposition to the nuclear arms race and support for the nuclear freeze campaign. Following that, he became active in The World Federalist Association and served on their board of directors from 1983-1987 and on their executive committee from 1986-1987.

He graduated with honors from DeVry Institute of Technology, Phoenix, AX, in 1977 and from Binghamton University in 1984 with a Master of Arts in the Social Sciences. While earning that degree, he became a writer and columnist for Pipe Dream, the student newspaper. Since April of 2010, he has worked on The Glenn Beck Review, What Everyone Needs to Know About Beck’s Honesty, Political Values and Methods of Communication. Simultaneously, he began investigating the history of corporate constitutional rights. Eventually, he was guided by friends on Facebook toward Thom Hartmann’s Unequal Exchange: How Corporations Became ‘People,” and How You Can Fight Back. This is available for free to read on Truthout’s website by simply clicking on the title of his book. It is the “bible” of corporate rights.

Working on The Review made him aware of the extent that truth is a matter of perspective. He learned that for ideologues, sometimes facts backfire. He discovered that a gifted propagandist can create a whole different reality from the one most people understand as our world. He hopes to use these understandings about how media can create particular mindsets in analyzing the facts about corporate dominance in America and around the world, and expose the biases in critics and supporters of an amendment that would overturn the destructive Citizens United v Federal Elections Commission decision of January 21, 2010.

Victor also writes on the Syracuse Examiner with a recent focus on globalization, fast-track authority, the TPP, TTIP, etc. He has taken a leave of absence from The Amendment Gazette to help organize a grassroots, independent movement to support Senator Sanders and other political revolutionaries. For more, see Revolt Against Plutocracy.



  1. Watching you on Twin Tiers Tonite…been there. Ironic that Hillary is someone, like Gillibrand and Schumer, are total Wall Street backed Democrats. Are you guys going to consider backing me against Schumer when the time comes?…btw, I own
    Scott Noren DDS
    Ithaca, NY
    (607) 273-0327 day

    • VictorMTA VictorMTA

      Scott, instead of beating your head against the wall running against Party machines, perhaps you should join us in the struggle to amend, especially since you own that web URL.

  2. Btw…Schumer and Gillibrand are pro nuke..they are pro safe fracking too…

  3. Hello,

    Assisting the Move to Amend organization down here in the cultural backwater of the Ozark Plateau and the semi-city of Springfield, MO. The majority of the citizenry hereabouts have been well-indoctrinated by the elites many propaganda systems that are so incredibly effective.

    I was greatly impressed with your essay titled: McCutcheon Decision Will Increase Corruption, Threaten the Republic.

    Well-written, concise, hard-hitting… an excellent article I wanted to assist in having read by as many folks as possible.

    To assist that effort I used the awesome copy-paste routine and added it to my blog. I hopefully ensured that anybody wandering by and reading it knows the source. I encourage all to visit your site.

    Of course, if the article’s presence upon the blog is unwanted, the mighty mouse and a couple pokes will tear that blog post into nothingness. Sniff.

    My next step is to place a link on my blog to your mighty-fine Web site. No charge!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shout if the essay you wrote is to be rent asunder. Hopefully you will allow its presence since that essay needs to be as widelt disseminated as possible… and even further!!!!

    Scott Kelley
    Disgruntled Old Coot
    Star of neither stage nor screen
    Will work for wealth