Paul Westlake graduated high school in the suburbs north of New York City in 1986. After three years as a music major, working part-time in restaurants, delis and even as the night housekeeper at a community hospital, he moved to New York City, found work as a technician in the independent film industry and finished his undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts (with a focus on Media Studies) at New School University in New York City. He also has a broadcasting certificate and a proprietary school teacher license from the NY State Education Dept.

Paul has an eclectic professional background that includes work as a content creator for dozens of media outlets and production companies (including the BBC and, office manager and nearly every job in the restaurant business. He was also an online moderator for the CNN Talkback Live! forum on CompuServe from 1994 to 1997, the first ever integration of social media with live television. He is not a lawyer.

Paul co-founded the New York City affiliate of the Move To Amend coalition and later joined Move to Amend’s national law and research committee where he specializes in translating legal arguments into plain English. He is also a┬ámember of American Promise. He is the youngest son of the late, award-winning crime novelist Donald E. Westlake and also runs the official website for his author dad. He currently lives in Rockville, MD, with his wife and two children.