1. Susan Ogden

    Bob-what does this mean? “AP successfully presented a respectable middle-class face for a movement that at times has had a more rough-hewn and grassroots image.”
    What movement are you describing and where does your assertion come from? Your characterization sounds elitist as if the rough-hewn peasants had been pushed aside by people with suits. Historically all movements begin with citizens who, while they often devolve into factions(see Abolition, Suffrage, Civil Rights) eventually work toward the same goal, whether they begin at the grassroots level or come with ‘respectable middle-class faces.’
    This is a very odd statement you’ve made.

  2. Bob Guldin Bob Guldin

    Hmmm. I certainly didn’t mean to disparage any part of the movement to overturn Citizens United, and I don’t think I have done so. I’m simply describing realistically the fact that different organizations, though aiming at the same general goals, have different styles and methods of work.
    For those familiar with the anti-Vietnam-war movement of the 1960s and 1970s, recall that some of the more “respectable” elements of the movement (think of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. or Dr. Benjamin Spock) were always in suit and tie or the equivalent when they protested. Some of the radicals like SDS or counterculture elements looked very different and carried a different message.
    It’s only realistic to acknowledge that different elements have different styles and will be more attuned to different constituencies. That’s not a putdown of anyone.

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