1. Michael Moran

    Well said, as usual. I see unity of the whole political spectrum as the answer too, but am having a difficult time figuring out HOW to work on this.

    • pewestlake pewestlake

      Bringing together people of opposing viewpoints is always a difficult task. Because a small sliver of humanity benefits from the distractions and division engendered by the extremist rhetoric pouring forth from corporate propaganda, the task is that much more difficult. We have to learn to understand those who disagree with us on most other issues and stifle our own partisan tendencies when we engage on this topic. That’s certainly not a guarantee for success but perpetuating the partisan divide is surely the path to defeat.

  2. Great article! This is THE issue of our time and 97% of Americans want to see an end to this corruption of our election process. We can do this! Neighbor to Neighbor. We have to make this a voting issue. Voters need to realize they’re voting for people that aren’t representing their constituent’s best interests. This can be done by (1) letters to the editor (2) Op-Ed pieces (even better) (3) bird dogging (asking these same tough questions while they’re on the stump in public forums) (5) work with groups like Blue Jean Nation http://www.bluejeannation.com/ (hold an event where the politically homeless can meet and discuss how to build awareness and push back against corruption).

    • pewestlake pewestlake

      Thanks, Jim! And thanks for adding the list of suggestions. Blue Jean Nation is very interesting. It would be nice if a viable third party were to emerge in the U.S. It would also be nice to see Congress forced to engage in real coalition-building with a party that doesn’t play footsie with elites.

  3. Lori Whitney

    I agree that this needs to be a nonpartisan issue, since our society and country are so divided otherwise .If we can do this, then changing demographics won’t make much of a difference.The key is to unite people around this common theme and this will involve the right kind of messaging.This should be successful if we do it right. Good luck!

    • pewestlake pewestlake

      It’s going to take a lot of time and patience. I hope this movement has the stamina and longevity to see it through.

  4. Susan Ogden

    It’s true that the corrupting big donor control of our political system appears to be a galvanizing issue for trans partisan support. The devil may be in the details, though. On almost every issue of importance to progressives, I would wager there is little agreement from the Right. Voter ID is supported by a significant number of the same people who say there is too much money in politics. And just mobilizing progressives, who are committed to their particular issues and don’t always see how money is the issue that underlies all other challenges, is a herculean task.

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