1. Michael Moran

    I’m afraid you have nailed MTA on this one. For all the good intentions and instructions that we remain “transpartisan” they seem to have slipped up here. It is hard to ignore the partisan nature of the Koch Brothers donations and we can hardly overlook the fact that they ARE right-wing. I guess there always needs to be some mention of both ideological sides when we are publishing something. It will be interesting to see how MTA deals with this calling-out.

  2. Andy Seles

    Nice job, Victor. As you know we folks in Jackson County, Oregon have insisted on a fully diverse steering committee with our own local organization (Americans for Amendment) and we have been working hard to bridge the ideological divide with our laser focus on this one issue, avoiding getting into the weeds on other issues or causes. Everyone can understand how are national sovereignty is under attack because of the Citizens United ruling. This is clearly not a one party issue. Good on you!

  3. This essay is a particularly important criticism of actions and statements made by those in our Movement to Amend who would (intentionally or not) transform our non-partisan Movement to establish democracy into a partisan wedge issue. Thank you for pointing it out. Most of us who believe strongly that corporations do not legitimately have the Constitutional rights of a person, and that legalized bribery must be ended, have other strong political beliefs, and are politically active – many in partisan political election campaigns. We need to be very carefully self-critical and prevent our partisan political opinions and candidate preferences (if any) from compromising the non-partisan Movement to Amend, and alienating people who would completely agree with the core principles of our Movement, but who are 180 degrees opposed to our partisan political views.


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