1. Dawn Wolfson

    All the finger pointing and blame gaming just distract people from the real issues. You will never see a post like this one in the mainstream media, and too few people even realize that anything else exists. Sad..

  2. March 9, 2015…Dear Fair-Minded Friends,

    You are invited to download your 100% free copy of Common Sense,
    my new short book that’s loaded with bold progressive solutions to
    many of our most vexing social problems.

    Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and U.S. Secretary of
    State Colin Powell said: “If If you break it, you own it.” Well, the
    despicable neocons opened a can of worms when they broke
    Iraq and now they want to break it again.

    Common sense says victory in the Middle East entails completing
    our outbound transition. No more boots. No more bombs. No more
    journalists. Let the civil war run its course.

    Pope Francis says greedy radical-right-wing Republiklans suffer from
    “Amnesia of the Heart.” They eagerly pull food stamps from the
    mouths of millions of hungry children. If not soon stopped, they
    will revoke the reproductive rights of American women and
    decimate Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the
    Affordable Care Act.

    The failure of our way too timid congressional Democrats to
    promote bold progressive legislation has confused voters
    and led directly to the drubbing we took in 2014.

    Helped by five U.S. Supreme Court political hacks, right-wing
    bullies like the Koch Brothers are busy brutalizing our
    middle class, forcing millions of students into life-long
    indebtedness and shoving our lowest income earners, disabled
    folk, and the elderly, deeper and deeper into abject poverty.

    U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and far too
    few other Congresspersons are trying to turn the Congressional
    tide. They desperately need our help. Toward this end,
    I’ve written Common Sense. It’s filled with the sort of bold,
    legislative ideas that I hope get enough of us fired-up and
    united enough to send the cowardly Republiklans packing in 2016.

    Amongst many other things, Common Sense shows how we can
    eliminate all income taxes, cancel student debt, double Social
    Security and vastly expand the rest of our all too meager
    social safety net.

    I kid you not, it’s all doable. Working as one, we can do it.

    For the LINK to your 100% free copy of Common Sense or to
    unsubscribe click here or send an email request to

    Let’s put a smile back on the faces of our Founders.
    Our future is ours to create…Bob Zimmerman

    Common Sense-Table of Contents (page #’s omitted).

    Preamble The Venomous Radical-Right-Wing-Coalition is Waging
    Cash Warfare against Every Middle Class American

    Chapter 1 Common Sense Says We Must Act Now to Reverse
    the Obscene Economic and Social Damage the
    Radical-Right-Wing-Coalition has Wrought

    Chapter 2 Common Sense Solution # 1:
    Rescinding the Abominable Income Tax

    Chapter 3 Common Sense Solution # 2:
    Doubling Social Security and Lifting Every
    American Out of Poverty

    Chapter 4 Common Sense Solution # 3:
    Transfiguring Obamacare into a Single-Payer System

    Chapter 5 Common Sense Solution # 4:
    Restructuring Our Educational Systems

    Chapter 6 Common Sense Solution # 5:
    Lead with Peace Instead of War

    Chapter 7 Common Sense Solution # 6:
    Combating Corporate Welfare and Crime

    Chapter 8 Common Sense Solution # 7:
    Declare Victory in the War on Drugs

    Chapter 9 Common Sense Solution # 8:
    Implement Real Liberty and Justice for All

    Chapter 10 Common Sense Solution # 9:
    America’s Future is Ours to Create

  3. I hate to brag, but I beat Ferguson to the punch on calling our current political system a duopoly:

    The reality is the duopoly has been around since before the Civil War with the Apportionment Act of 1842, which mandated single-member districts, further edified with subsequent congressional acts, as well as more recent restrictions on third party political participation that has been documented elsewhere. However, these kind of basic reforms to our political system are dead in the water until we can take money out of politics.

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