1. Larry Sherk

    Wnen Civil Liberties, through the flagrant misuse of the concept of personhood, becomes the same thing as the liberty to make money for your shareholders any way you can get away with, we can kiss the whole thing good bye. Through my tears, kiss, and bye bye!

  2. Susan Weber

    I’m a former local ACLU board president and former New York Civil Liberties Union board member, a lawyer and an administrative law judge. The ACLU has been wrong about this issue from the very beginning of court recognition of corporate “civil rights”. Now, the grave danger to our democracy posed by this philosophy is clear. The distortion of public policy threatens the very legitimacy of our government. I urge the ACLU to RECANT!

  3. Paul Kinzelman

    This is the first time I can remember the ACLU getting it wrong (and that includes their support of the KKK’s right to march, much as I abhor that particular org), but when they get it wrong as they clearly did here, it’s a whopper. I just wonder if there’s some ‘back door’ reason why they’re so blatantly wrong.

  4. The ACLU has been one of the few organizations that has made me feel proud to be an American. Their unwavering support for the rights of all is the very foundation of what I hope freedom will someday mean to the world. I’m curious to understand how they could misunderstand such a basic issue and whether there has been any change in their position over the past months. Hopefully people with who have repeatedly shown a deep sense of political and social consciousness will realize that freedom of speech is being curtailed by the deafening volume of the rich who are drowning the voices of others.

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