1. James Madison

    Apparently, commentary must be based on whether an article is worthy of such effort. Judging from the fact that by August 26 your article drew no such effort, we can assume this article isn’t really worthy. Pity.

    • James, I feel the need to disagree with your judgement that the value of an article is only to be based on whether people have taken the effort to comment. First of all anything that is on the cutting edge of thought will initially have a small audience followed by people (like myself) who read with enthusiasm and agreement…and therefore not necessarily feeling the need to comment for what I/we see as a well written, informative and intelligent article about a key issue.

      Only later, as ideas gather steam (as I’ve seen with another article on this site) does debate begin. I would argue that articles like this one which go beyond an emotional response to an intellectual analysis are deeply needed, but will take longer for widespread dissemination, understanding and acceptance because they require more effort in both reading and understanding.

      Finally, I want to thank-you for your comment because it definitely made me consider the ideas of truth vs. popularity and what it means to move political and social thinking forward.

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