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  1. The Founders purposefully created a federal government intended to be owned and operated by an elite class.

    However, those elites were expected to rule with a sens of honor that ensured most citizens received some equity within the system.

    Sadly, that expected sense of honor was quickly cast aside and an ongoing class war commenced. A war that has grown in intensity around 1972 and the results of that growing war are witnessed daily.

    We, the people, the masses of common folks, are losing the war. Sadly, the elites possess the most effective propaganda systems ever created and they operate constantly and we are inundated with propaganda from birth to death.

    Basically, many of the masses are convinced that as how things are is correct and proper. These self-applied mental slave chains are stronger than steel.

    Another tactic used is “divide and conquer.” Notice how the many sub-cultures and various groupings are bickering with one another over the scraps tossed down by the elites. Also notice the mantra of “diversity is our strength” permeating the populace with nary a mention of the need for unifying bonds.

    We, the People are divided and the conquering continues unimpeded.

    Personally, I fear that only a military coup that destroys the old and starts anew can save We, the People from servitude to an oligarchy.

    Still, it is our duty to ourselves and our fellow commoner citizens to try to quell the evil steadily forcing us into mere serfs required to obey our masters.

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