1. Victor Tiffany

    This is, to a degree, unfair. There was Tea Party outrage against the Wall St. bailout for example. Some Tea Party activists are genuine grassroots, and they are not depicted here. 69% of Tea Party supporter want super PAC outlawed, a stat I quoted to my Republican Senator in NY.

    • Dennis Stender

      If I remember correctly when asked who was responsible for Wall St bail-out 98% of Tea Party supporters blame Obama! The misinformation cycle of the blame game is so confusing to average person it’s no wonder!

      • Victor Tiffany

        Dennis, that’s correct, part of the difficulty of coping with our post-truth politics.


      • pewestlake pewestlake

        Funny how that worked when it happened in Bush’s last weeks with a lame-duck Congress. But then a large portion of the Tea Party blames Obama for practically everything under the sun. I sometimes wonder if some people blame Obama for cloudy days.

        Clearly I need to tweak the graphic a bit! 😉

    • pewestlake pewestlake

      That’s why I tried, but obviously failed, to make the distinction that it was the corporatists that co-opted the Tea Party brand who have shutdown the government. I’ll make a couple adjustments to make the point clearer. But I want it to be clear that the Tea Party brand has been co-opted, that the people who started the Tea Party have been eclipsed by this band of Tea Party-in-name-only thugs in Congress. Maybe that’s what I’ll use: instead of “Tea Party,” it becomes “TPINOs.” (Too bad “PINTO” doesn’t work!)

      I’ll make some tweaks and repost.

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