1. VictorMTA VictorMTA

    In a piece published in USA Weekend written by Taylor Branch entitled “Remembering the March,” he concluded:

    The glory of freedom is still there, however, in far better shape than our fractured discourse suggests. Obama should speak more from his tip-toe stance about race in our national journey. Spasms of objection can give way to more balanced history, but we all inherit the responsibility to make it so. King and his colleagues leave us a patriotic lesson that every citizen can become a modern Founder.

    We are modern Founders, and the last chart, which shows increasing wealth by the 1% since 1976 can be traced to Buckley v Valeo. We, the modern Founders, can start turning this around by getting The Human Rights Amendment or MTA’s We the People Amendment passed and ratified. This will take a mass movement. Let’s work to make this movement as inclusive as possible of the 99%. We really have no option.

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