1. Mary_Lindsay

    Who analyzed the data and created the charts?

    • pewestlake pewestlake

      I can see that at least one was created by opensecrets.org. The other two appear to be from the Rochester MTA website but I haven't been able to locate them yet to see if they crunched the numbers themselves or got them from somewhere else. Victor will know and he'll probably drop by sometime over the weekend.

      • Mary_Lindsay

        Thanks. I don't like to use charts in presentations if I don't have a really good sense of the accuracy.

        • pewestlake pewestlake

          I completely understand. The charts were created by Sam Fedele of the Rochester MTA Affiliate. He replied to my request for more info with this:

          "The numbers behind each chart came from the Center for Responsive Politics (OpenSecrets). I simply clipped the Business vs. Union spending graph from my screen; I used Excel to create the other two charts to match the format of my presentation. But all the data came from the same source."

          So you can cite Center for Responsive Politics or OpenSecrets.org for all three charts. Hope that helps.

  2. Mary_Lindsay

    Yes. This is very helpful and just what I needed.

    Mary Lindsay
    Kansas City Move to Amend

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